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0% + $999! But how can we do that?

If a Kahootz referred rep list your home and ultimately has their own buyer and the seller is also purchasing a home in excess of ????? through the same Realtor® then the Realtor® will wave the listing fee in order to collect the purchase commission. So on a $500,000 dollar purchase the Realtor® collects $12,500.  Not many home under $500,000.  And not a bad payday or year if you do it 10 times a year!

How much could you save when you sell your home with Kahootz™?

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You Could Save

Why a Compressed Fee Model

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The Kahootz 10 Step full service Program

These are the 10 steps a full-service, Kahootz-referred Realtor® implements and follows to successfully market and sell your home. We know that monitoring and following these steps results in a successful outcome.

Step One.

Preparing a Total Market Overview (TMO) allows both you and your referred Realtor® to fully understand current market conditions, as well as the dynamics and demographics of the community where you live. With the help of Kahootz, your Realtor® will use three sources of information during the process. The benefits of these three sources will be discussed when you interview the Realtor® for the job of marketing your home.

Step Two.

Your referred Realtor® will review a market analysis with you in order to best assess the value of your home. Obviously, this should include more than just the recent sales.

Step Three.

Your Realtor® will establish and discuss what they feel would be the most effective marketing price. Remember that the determined value of your home and the most effective marketing price are often different. Your referred Realtor® is well trained to explain the difference.

Step Four.

Every professional full-service Realtor® will provide you with a “net sheet.” They will review the expenses associated with selling your home in order to determine what your net proceeds will be as the result of a successful marketing plan and sale.

Step Five.

It’s time to prepare your home for introduction to the market. Both a Kahootz representative and your Realtor® will view your home together and will use our exclusive rating system to provide you with the best suggestions and recommended for staging and improvements. More often than not, an investment of $1,500or less will yield thousands more.

Step six.

You’re ready for our plan to promote and market your home. Our philosophy and strategy differ greatly from most. Both Kahootz and your referred Realtor® will craft a strategy specific to current market conditions. Whether it’s a seller’s market or a buyer’s market, your plan will take this into consideration.

Step seven.

We make every attempt to qualify all the buyers working with our referred Realtors®. By asking our five questions, we ensure that buyers viewing your home are qualified financially and are able to move forward with an offer in your price range; we are also able to qualify the home to meet their needs. This saves you and your family both time and inconvenience.

Step Eight.

We’re not afraid to assist a buyer in making a buying decision. Often a buyer will hesitate, even though your home is perfect for them. An experienced professional will pick up on this as a sign that they may require more information. Our referred Realtors® will then share with a qualified potential buyer the first three steps in this plan in order to make them feel comfortable and confident in moving forward with an offer. Discussing and sharing the information on how we came to terms on price goes a long way to fostering trust. Read More

Step Nine.

Never under estimate the value of an experienced negotiator. We have left nothing to chance with the Realtors® we endorse and refer. They will give you one simple answer about their philosophy and strategy.

Step Ten.

We’ll be seeing the transaction through to a close: from the time of our first meeting to after the day of closing. Often, your referred Realtor® is the main point of contact should the new buyer have any questions about your home. We make every attempt to assist them by acting as a bridge between buyer and seller.

What our Service Includes

  • Professional photographer hired for high definition photos & virtual tour package
  • Deal with all Realtor® & Buyer enquiries
  • Qualify, arrange and confirm appointments
  • All showings will be followed up on to determine level of interest & feedback
  • Lockbox on property
  • Property flyer
  • Lawn sign installed
  • Host Open House(s)
  • MLS Listing
  • Social media presence
  • Prepare, review, negotiate contracts for a successful transaction
  • Access to network of advisors i.e. Home inspectors, mortgage brokers, lawyer’s etc
  • 7 Day a week access to me via phone, text, e-mail, social media

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