For as little as 2.0% + $999 and never exceeding 2.9% TOTAL commission, your referred Kahootz™ endorsed Realtor® will provide FULL MLS® SERVICE

Kahootz has eliminated the need for “mere postings” and attempting to sell privately.

All Kahootz endorsed Realtors® have agreed in advance to our compressed fee model saving you more than ever while receiving FULL SERVICE

Full MLS® service home marketing
for as little as 2% + $999!

Kahootz has been specifically designed to eliminate the need for a “mere posting” service as well as attempting to sell on your own. Both these options leave the home owner at a great disadvantage.

Nobody wants to attempt to sell their home on their own, but all want to save on the fees. Kahootz addresses both.

Booking showings and hosting your own open house on Sunday’s?

There’s better ways to spend your time.

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All our referred and endorsed Realtors® have agreed to our unique compressed fee model and leave nothing to chance when marketing your home.

Your referred Realtor® will follow our 12 step marketing plan ensuring a successful outcome for all involved.  You will also be provided with our extensive list of services that are included.  Beginning with preparing your home for market and providing your Realtor® with their own custom hd photo shoot and virtual tour right through to negotiating the sale.

When you’re ready to interview full service professionals include us in the process.

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*Based on a commission of 4.5%